Colitis Cure Shown More Effective Than Drugs

I had a lady at one time in my life I was deeply in love with and still love even though she married someone else. I went to a great amount of time and effort to find a natural cure for the colitis disease that she was suffering from. She was taking some of the popular drugs given by her specialist which was mainly to reduce the inflammation. It took hours for me to find all the best information. I discovered a natural product that has clinical test results clearly showing that it was more effective than the drugs presently being used by my girlfriend and without any side effects and other significant health benefits. Below I paste the email that I sent to my girlfriend with this information in order to help others conquer this terrible condition known as colitis.


“Therapy of active Crohn disease with Boswellia serrata extract H 15]
Z Gastroenterol. 2001 Jan;39(1):11-7.
The purpose of this clinical trial was to compare efficacy and safety of the Boswellia serrata extract H15 with mesalazine for the treatment of active Crohn’s disease. Randomised, double-blind, verum-controlled, parallel group comparison for which 102 Patients were randomised. The population included 44 patients treated with Boswellia and 39 patients treated with mesalazine. As primary outcome measure the change of the Crohn Disease Activity Index (CDAI) between the status of enrolment and end of therapy was chosen. Boswellia was tested on non-inferiority compared to standard treatment with mesalazine. The CDAI between the status of enrolment and end of therapy after treatment with Boswellia was reduced by 90 and after therapy with mesalazine by 53 scores. The difference between both treatments could not be proven to be statistically significant in favor to Boswellia for the primary outcome measure. The secondary efficacy endpoints confirm the assessment of the comparison of Boswellia and mesalazine. The proven tolerability of Boswellia completes the results of the shown clinical efficacy. The study confirms that therapy with Boswellia is not inferior to mesalazine. This can be interpreted as evidence for the efficacy of Boswellia according to the state of art in the treatment of active Crohn’s disease with Boswellia serrata extract, since the efficacy of mesalazine for this indication has been approved by the health authorities. Considering both safety and efficacy of Boswellia serrata extract H15 it appears to be superior over mesalazine in terms of a benefit-risk-evaluation.


I have spent a number of hours to get the actual hard science and this has paid off beyond my expectations. I will do some print outs of the actual clinical trials which were done on people with your condition that were using Asacol and Predinsone. In every high standard double blind placebo trial the natural product which now is more stronger as 5-LOXIN was far superior to the these drugs. I will paste the most important information below with some the the best sites with the hard scientific data that your doctors may not know about.
I will first give you the live links to these sites:
This first link I have printed out because it is actual clinical trial data and there is also more in links below:

This is the most significant statement in article just below.

A comparison of the remission rates between the two groups provided further confirmation of this outcome. Using a drop below a CDAI value of 150 as the criterion for remission, it turned out that the remission rates were 36% for the Boswellia group and 31% for the mesalazine group. Again the conclusion was that Boswellia was not inferior to mesalazine. (In the coolly analytical world of science, you can use language that might not work quite so well in daily life. Consider, for example, the following answer to your wife’s question about how you like her apple pie: “Well, Honey, it’s not inferior to my former girl friend’s apple pie.” Oops.)

When safety was factored into the equation, things changed. The Boswellia group experienced eight incidents of side effects, none of which could be attributed to the therapy, whereas the mesalazine group experienced 17 incidents, of which 13 could not be attributed and four could be. The authors concluded that, taking both safety and efficacy into account, Boswellia showed a more favorable benefit-to-risk ratio than mesalazine. Finally – not just not inferior, but better! Hooray for Boswellia!  

5-LOXIN® Decreases Inflammation, Invasive Potential, Tumor Cell Adhesiveness, and Angiogenesis

A rat study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of 5-LOXIN® compared to the popular anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen. 5-LOXIN® reduced inflammation by 27%, compared to 35% for ibuprofen.84 Another rat study compared 5-LOXIN® to the anti-inflammatory steroid drug prednisone. 5-LOXIN® reduced inflammation by 55%, which was similar to the prednisone used in the study.79,85 The significance of these findings is that prednisone and ibuprofen can be toxic when used chronically, whereas natural 5-LOXIN® is free of side effects.

Ibuprofen has demonstrated anti-cancer effects, most probably due to its inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), another enzyme that cancer cells use to facilitate their growth and survival. As you have just learned, 5-LOXIN® functions to block the 5-LOX enzyme. Since the effects of 5-LOXIN® and ibuprofen may be either additive or synergistic, a clinical trial of a combination of these agents is warranted.

Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) is a dangerous pro-inflammatory cytokine that often increases in aging people. In a gene-chip study, 5-LOXIN® blocked the expression of many genes that are sensitive to the pathological effects of TNF-α.84 “

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